Young Star of 'Euphoria,' Angus Cloud, Found Dead at His Home

Angus Cloud, the young actor known for his role in the successful series "Euphoria," was found dead at his home in Oakland, California. The sudden demise of the talented 25-year-old actor has left fans and the industry in profound grief.

According to his mother, a 911 call was made around 11:30 am on Monday, reporting the tragic incident. During the emergency response, the possibility of an overdose was considered, and it was noted that Angus Cloud had no pulse. The police announced that the cause of death is currently unknown and an investigation has been launched.

In an official statement, the family of the accomplished Angus Cloud expressed their feelings about losing him: "Today, we mourn the loss of an incredible individual. Angus was an artist, a friend, a brother, and a son who held a special place in all of our hearts. He had been struggling intensely with the loss of his father just last week, and coping with this tragedy proved to be challenging. Our only solace is knowing that he is now reunited with his beloved father, who had become his closest companion. Angus was open about his mental health battles, and we hope that his passing will serve as a reminder to others that they are not alone and should not silently fight their own battles."

HBO, the production company behind the series "Euphoria," also expressed their deep sorrow on Twitter: "We are incredibly saddened by the news of Angus Cloud's passing. He was an immensely talented actor and an integral part of the HBO and 'Euphoria' family. During this difficult time, we extend our deepest condolences to his friends and family."

Angus Cloud had been on the rise in his career with "Euphoria" and was recently involved in a project titled "Freaky Tales" alongside Pedro Pascal and Jay Ellis, as well as a separate film project with Melissa Barrera and Kathryn Newton. The untimely death of this young actor has deeply impacted the Hollywood community and his devoted fans.

01 Ağu 2023 - 09:39 - Dünya

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